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Alexander Oil Company

Serving Central Texas for over 30 years

The Company:

  • What we do

    Alexander Oil Company, Inc. is a full line fuel and lubricants wholesale distributor serving retail, commercial, and industrial customers.
  • Our mission

    To be the supplier of choice in the markets we serve. Our customers may expect from AOC Commitment, Value, Financial Strength, Capable Management, and Passion for our business.
  • Our vision

    To be customer driven, meaning to become the customer's choice for quality fuels, lubricants, and service. To make our vision a reality we must: Become the leading branded and unbranded, and lubricants supplier to our market area. Acquire and supply quality products. Be a leader in safety, reliability and incident-free operation. Build and acquire the people skills and behaviors needed to achieve our vision. Constantly assess and adjust our work processes to achieve superior performance at lower cost than competition.