Fleet Fuel

Alexander Oil Company’s proprietary fuel cards and facilities are solid solutions for any needs. Our card programs and facilities offer fleets custom solutions focused on reducing costs, increasing transparency and control of fuel expenses, and providing convenient access to fuel on your schedule at a great price.

Who is Fleet Fuel for?

Our Fleet Fuel Card programs are perfect for fleets of any size:

  • Large and Small Companies
  • Agricultural Businesses*
  • Municipalities and School Districts*
  • Emergency Response Departments*
  • Co-ops*
  • Families
*we can manage the tax exemptions for any organization and provide all necessary documentation with our reporting.

The Power of Cardlock Fueling

Cardlock fueling offers a convenient and efficient fueling experience tailored to your business needs. Our fuel sites are strategically located for easy access and provide 24/7 availability, ensuring your fleet’s uninterrupted operation. Experience the benefits of Cardlock fueling with Alexander Oil:
  1. Increased Convenience – Our private sites reduce congestion and allow permit-only fuels to be accessed directly at the pump.
  2. Optimized Fuel Spend – Account owners enjoy purchase controls and detailed data, empowering you to track and optimize your fuel expenses.
  3. Access for Large Trucks – Our fuel stations are designed to accommodate large trucks, ensuring seamless refueling experiences.

Fleet Fuel Cards: Putting Control in Your Hands

The Alexander Oil Fleet Fuel card provides a suite of features that make managing your business’s fuel usage simple and efficient:
  1. Monitor, Control, and Accountability – With our cardlock program, you can easily monitor fuel usage, prevent fuel theft, and customize account settings for each cardholder.
  2. Access, Availability, and Time Savings – Our fuel stations are open 24 hours, self-serve, and offer reduced wait times at the pump, so your fleet can focus on what matters most – your business.
  3. Personalized Support – Your dedicated Alexander Oil Fleet Fuel support team will guide you through the onboarding process, help you optimize fuel card settings, and establish custom reporting that integrates seamlessly with your existing accounting systems.
Alexander Oil Company Fleet Fuel card.

Why Choose Alexander Oil’s Fleet Fuel Program Over Competitors?

When you partner with Alexander Oil Company, you are getting a reliable partner with innovative fuel management programs that surpass competitors in terms of convenience, efficiency, and support. By prioritizing your business needs and providing tailored solutions, we will help you achieve better fuel management and cost control, ensuring your fleet remains productive and efficient. Don’t wait, contact us today and let us help you optimize your fuel management and drive your business forward.

Ready to save on fuel cost?