About Alexander Oil

Alexander Oil Company is a wholesale distributor of fuel and lubricants catering to retail, commercial, and industrial customers in the majority of Texas with the exception of far west, north, east, and Rio Grande valley areas. Our service areas throughout Texas are Austin, Brenham, Dallas/Ft Worth, Bryan/College Station, Greater Houston, and San Antonio. We are an authorized supplier for Shell, Valero, Sunoco, Conoco Phillips fuels and Chevron lubricants. Furthermore, Alexander Trucking provides unbranded fuel to all markets.

Company History

The Alexander family’s lineage has been intertwined with Texas for many years. They have experienced the wealth of the land in terms of ranching, farming, and oil. The founder of the company, Jud G Alexander Sr., came from a big family in Brazoria County; his father was a hay and rice farmer who switched to the oil industry during the 1930s.

In October 1972, he made an investment into Gulf Oil Products Company, taking hold of a tiny office at the intersection of Highway 290 and FM 389 in Brenham. That same corner houses Alexander Oil's office to this day. The business began with just three people: Jud Sr. himself who managed operations and sales, an office manager handling bookkeeping, and a single truck driver for deliveries.

In 1972 they sent out 100,000 gallons per month; currently that number has reached 8.5 million gallons per month. In 1981 management made the decision to expand by entering into retail markets. Nowadays Alexander Oil is both wholesale and retail fuel and lubricants provider in Central Texas, offering excellent customer service, quality products, competitive prices and branding opportunities with Valero, Shell, Sunoco, and Conoco Phillips.

Our Leadership

Jud G Alexander Jr. gained business management experience in Houston prior to joining Alexander Oil and its subsidiaries in 1980, currently serves as Vice President of Operations. He has emphasized the need for community service: “We want to contribute some of our success to areas we’re serving through chambers of commerce and charities that help promote youth activities.”

Jay T Alexander gained his managerial expertise in Dallas and Houston before he joined the company in 1983, Jay currently serves as the Vice President of finance for Alexander Oil and its subsidiaries. Jay states, “We are a loyal corporate member and give back to the neighborhoods we serve. We wish for people to have good value from what they purchase. We are merely neighbors helping out other neighbors.”

With outstanding client service, Alexander Oil and its affiliates continue to steadily grow, wishing for their employees, customers, and communities to grow with them.

We’re committed to your success.

We aspire to be a top-notch distribution company, devoted to upholding the highest standards of excellence in all areas. Our mission is to provide our business partners with first-rate customer service.

Doing business with Alexander Oil Company means being connected to excellence. Our customers have their needs met, our brands are well represented, and we greatly contribute to the business world. We strive for the best in all areas.

Our core values include faith in God, our family, and our work. We always aim to act with honesty, integrity, and responsibility. We commit to working together and devoting ourselves to our mission through enthusiasm and dedication.

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