Alexander Oil Company provides top-of-the-line lubricant products to customers in several different industries. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality solutions for all your industrial needs, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Our High-Quality Lubricant Products

Our product line is carefully curated to meet the demands of diverse industries, providing exceptional performance and protection. At Alexander Oil Company, we offer:

  • Engine Oils: Maximize the life of your engines with our premium-quality engine oils, designed for optimal performance and protection.
  • Hydraulic & Transmission Oils: Keep your equipment running smoothly with our advanced hydraulic and transmission oils, engineered for superior performance.
  • Antifreezes & Greases: Ensure your machinery operates at peak efficiency with our dependable antifreezes and greases.
  • Compressor Oils: Maintain your compressors with our high-performance oils, designed for extended service life and maximum efficiency.
  • Turbine Oils: Enhance the longevity of your turbines with our specially formulated turbine oils, providing ultimate protection.
  • Industrial Oils: Cater to your varied industrial requirements with our comprehensive range of industrial oils.
  • Diesel Exhaust Fluid: Keep your diesel engines operating at peak efficiency and reduce emissions with our premium diesel exhaust fluid.

Serving a Wide Array of Industries

At Alexander Oil Company, we provide lubricants to various business sectors, ensuring that we meet the unique needs of each industry. Some of the sectors we cater to include:

  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Power Generation
  • Fleet/Trucking
  • Manufacturing Plants
  • Government Entities

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Equipment for All Your Lubricant Needs

To ensure the best service possible, we offer a wide range of equipment, including:

  • Tanks & containment pans
  • Fuel pumps & meters
  • Oil lube equipment
  • Hoses, nozzles & breakaways
  • Tank filters
  • Tank monitors
  • Miscellaneous accessories

We also provide loaned equipment upon request, ensuring that you have everything you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Choose Alexander Oil Company for all your lubricant needs, and experience unparalleled quality and service. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, and let us help you optimize your operations for success.

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