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Alexander Oil Company

Serving Central Texas for over 30 years

History of the Company:

Jud G. Alexander President and C.E.O. of Alexander Oil Company and Jud's Food Stores, Inc., grew up in Brazoria County, the son of a hay and rice farmer who later became involved in the oil business in the 1930's. As one of ten children, he remembers working hard for a living.

After service in the Korean War, he and his family moved in 1956 to Chappell Hill, Washington County. There the Alexander's raised cotton, rice, milo and corn on the rich Brazos River bottom land and pioneered a new breed of cattle known as Red Brangus. Jud Alexander helped found and is a charter member of the Red Brangus Association, They sold the family ranch in 1972.

In October, 1972 he bought Gulf Oil Products Company and begin his distributor consignee relationship with Gulf Oil. He took over the tiny office located at the corner of Highway 290 and FM 379 in Brenham. Alexander Oil began with a staff of three--- Jud who ran the company and searched out new business, an office manager/bookkeeper and a truck driver. They delivered around 100,000 gallons of fuel a month.

Shortly after getting into the business, the Arab Oil Embargo went into effect and a national fuel shortage developed. Alexander Oil met the challenge by working harder and succeeded in serving its customer's needs.

"We are proud of that record," Jud Alexander said." Our station never ran out of gas. Necessity, desire and ingenuity are what makes you able to survive in any situation. I think everybody has to adapt to circumstances. It's part of the pioneer spirit."

Alexander Oil did adapt and survive, and eight years after its founding experienced a pivotal year. In 1980, the company changed from being a consignee to a jobber when Gulf changed its distributing method. Alexander Oil never claimed ownership of the products at any time, but worked strictly on commissions based on the amount of products sold. As a jobber, the company owned the product the minute their trucks picked up the product from Gulf.

During the next decade, Alexander Oil bought jobber-ships in Seguin and Yoakum and came to serve a 14 county area. The shift in distribution method and their business expansion prompted the company to enter the retail business in 1981.