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Alexander Oil Company

Serving Central Texas for over 30 years

Fleet Fuel Logo

Fleet Fuel:

Fleet fuel is a proprietary fueling system designed for customers who wish off site fueling of their vehicles. We provide this service through stand alone facilities and at selected retail sites in our market area. They are card driven and the customer has options of vehicle data collection such as mileage, time, driver, and more.

Fleet Fuel is a high tech fueling facility geared to meet the needs of owners and managers of fleets of vehicles. Fleet Fuel provides management reports tailored to your needs, that help you manage your fuel expenses and save time.

Fleet Fuel 's card operated, high speed fueling system is easy to use and gets your vehicles back on the road with a minimum of time lost. Your computer generated statement shows you where every drop of fuel you buy is used and by which vehicle.

How Fleet Fuel Works:

  1. Drive into Fleet Fuel facility.
  2. Insert card into credit card slot.
  3. Machine prompts you for four digit security code.
  4. Fuel your vehicle.
  5. Drive away.